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​​"By far the best!"

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!  I love it and I use it every day because it is, by far, the best I've ever used.  I use the EXOTIC massage oil after I get out of the shower.  I'm also using the Sandalwood lime sensual oil because it smells incredible and it works great as a lubricant for intimacy because of its natural feel......I'm definitely going to use these products and I highly reccommend them!!!

- Johnny 



The apple mint lubricant feels so SEXY, natural and smooth!  This coconut oil product lasts for a really long time and that makes it a SENSATIONAL product.  It doesn't dry up like most lubes do which is very SATISFYING.  I will tell all my friends about this product!​

- Vicky

​​"The fragrances are great and fresh!"

As somebody with skin sensitivity issues, I am always hesitant to try new products.  When I found Luscious, it was too tempting not to try. FINALLY I am able to use a scented lubricant with no harsh chemicals that doesn't interfere with my delicate skin at all. The fragrances are great and fresh, the coconut oil has so many benefits for skin. I am happy to have found my new go-to lubricant. 

- Kelly W.

"Amazing results...."


I use the sensual oil as a personal lubricant and a daily moisturizer; the results are amazing.  I cannot believe how soft my skin is after I use this product! The scent is very sensual and not overpowering at is very SEXY!  I love everything about Luscious products, especially that they are all organic and natural.

- Chris 

​​"Can't get enough!"

Honestly, I can't get enough of this skin moisturizer!  I love the Jasmine massage oil & I use it every day (sometimes twice a day).  The aromatherapy is the best part; it is over the top sensational! It seeps into your skin and feels so soft and luxurious.

- Anna B 


There's only one thing to say about Luscious International.....Magnificent!

- Mitchell

"Fan f*cking tastic!"
Okay, I have tried so many different types of lube and I have never found one that I am satified with until now....Luscious lube is fan f*cking tastic!  LITERALLY!!! That's all I can say and I will never have to waste money searching and trying  anything else. Whew!
Paul P.
"Acts as a natural sunscreen"
I just found out that coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen so I apply  the apple mint every day.  I've noticed a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels.
"Absolutely beautiful"


It feels wonderful on your skin, it has a very pleasant aroma, the packaging looks absolutely beautiful and everything is eco-friendly which is important to me!  You get a free charm necklace with every bottle of sensual oil that you purchase!  These products are a delight to all of your senses! I can't get enough of this coconut oil based product because it is so beneficial to my skin! Thank you Luscious International for helping me look so "Luscious"!!!

- Lisa

​​"It was so convenient..."

I recently travelled to Costa Rica and I took the Travel combo kit.  It was so convenient and it really made my vacation super fun, if you know what I mean!  Plus this travel kit has all 3 scents so I was able to pick my favorite lube (Lemongrass strawberry) and order it for when I got home.

- Tracey


Not only is the packaging so pretty, but this product actually works!  IT WORKS!!!! There is something to be said about that.  My skin has never felt more amazing.  I use the Sensual oil as a daily moisturizer and I am VERY happy with the results. 

- Candyce D. 

​​"I will never use anything else!"

I love love love this stuff!  The sensual oil is the best I've ever tried and I will never use anything else!

- Stephanie T

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